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Ulan Satarov

+996 (778) 709768

Ulan specialises largely on corporate tax, administrative and criminal litigation and arbitration. Ulan’s 20 years’ legal career has included private practice as well as clerkships at Kyrgyz Supreme Court and an advisory role in the administration of the Presidency of Kyrgyzstan. Ulan has co-drafted several Kyrgyz laws, including in the area of judicial administration, procedure and status of judges. In addition to his legal practice, Ulan teaches administrative law at [what is GIZ?].

Anvar Askarov

+996 (555) 777921

Anvar has over 15 years of experience as an attorney. He specialises largely on corporate M&A, finance and natural resources matters. Anvar also often arbitrates and litigates disputes arising out of M&A transactions, shareholder disagreements, finance transactions, and natural resources matters. He has also advised on the legal reform in Kyrgyzstan as part of the World Bank and Asian Development Bank sponsored legal transition programmes. Prior to establishing his private practice, Anvar was a member of the Administration of the Kyrgyz Presidency. In addition to his legal practice, Anvar teaches international law at Kyrgyz National University. Anvar graduated from International University of Kyrgyzstan and holds an LL.M. degree from University of Minnisota.

Senior Counsel

Natalia Alenkina

+996 (772) 57-25-85

A licensed advocate with 16 years of legal experience in a variety of institutions (including private companies, USAID, the World Bank), Natalia Alenkina specializes in commercial and administrative law and commercial litigation and arbitration. She is also active on the legislative side, having been a member of drafting committees of the Kyrgyz Code of Civil Procedure as well as of the official Commentary to the Civil Code which is used by judges. She also co-authored Arbitrator’s Handbook of the the International Arbitration Court of the Kyrgyz Chamber of Commerce. Natalia is also an arbitrator of the same Arbitration Court. Natalia graduated in law with distinction from the Kyrgyz State National University and holds a degree of candidate of legal science.

Contract lawyers

Whilst each legal matter we undertake on the client’s behalf is led, and at all times attended to, by at least one partner, we employ over 10 contract lawyers and paralegals who are assigned to the matter depending on the specialism, seniority and tasks required at the relevant stage.

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