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Participating in the programs: Golden Visa, Bank account Opening, Visa 2, Visa D7

We are pleased to announce that Law firm “Sattarov, Askarov & Partners” has signed a cooperation agreement with the Portuguese law firm “Almeida, Dias & Associados”. Now, Kyrgyzstan have a unique opportunity to participate in the programs: Golden Visa, Opening a Bank account for non-residents in Portugal, Residence Permit for private entrepreneurs (Visa D2), Residence Permit (Visa D7).

Portugal Banks offer a wide range of accounts and services, such as current and savings accounts, business accounts and joint accounts. In addition to the online service, which is a standard service for banks in Portugal, to open a Bank account, customers are also entitled to a credit card (such as AMEX or Visa) and a debit card. Also, in a detailed analysis of a particular case, at the disposal of customers are all types of credit forms, the possibility of deferred payment. If you decide to work directly with the Bank, please note that there are no restrictions on the amount of transfer, the number of transfers during a certain period.

The Portuguese permit to obtain a resident visa through investment activity, better known as the "Golden visa", is one of the important and attractive programs for foreign investors who find the program very simple with clear legal requirements.

In this regard, we are considering a residence permit for immigrants-private entrepreneurs-resident visa is given to immigrant entrepreneurs who wants to invest in Portugal and have proof that they carry out investment operations in Portugal, the availability of funds for investment operations. This type of residence permit is commonly known as "D2".

Accommodation in Portugal is becoming more and more popular due to the strong incentive program for the government of Portugal related to exemption from income tax for 10 years. Mild climate, beautiful beaches, relatively low the cost of living, and most importantly - safety, attract more and more foreigners'.