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Debt finance

We offer corporate M&A services in the metals and mining, energy, financial services, telecommunications, hotel and consumer sectors. Our services in the corporate M&A sector cover transactions between local businesses, as well as between local and foreign companies. Our services cover all stages of the M&A transaction, including:

full legal due diligence of the target and its assets and issuance of a due diligence report;

(if applicable) pre-M&A corporate restructuring;

drafting of a set of transactional documents under Kyrgyzstan or English law, including a term sheet, a share purchase agreement, a shareholders’ agreement, a disclosure letter, an escrow agreement (if applicable), shareholders’ guarantees (if applicable), etc;

negotiations on behalf of the purchasers or targets;

verification of compliance with conditions precedent;

assistance with the signing, completion, post-completion accounts and adjustments;

state registration of the merged or reorganised entity (if applicable);

resolution of M&A disputes including those arising out of non-compliance with conditions precedent, breach of representations and warranties, enforcement of shareholder guarantees, post-completion price adjustments.